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Ushi Tandon, MS, LPc

T: (610) 291-1704 

I operate from the motto that every struggle is a potential gift and every gift is meant to maximize our potential to overcome struggle. Our job, as human beings, is to make the most of our gifts and to turn our struggles into meaningful experience and learned wisdom. We do this, invariably, through relationships built on trust, commitment and integrity. Fostering healthy relationships is a skill that we acquire with time and growth and we pass on these skills with patience and care from one generation to the next. My work with both children and adults, with individuals and families, is always aimed at building this skill among loved ones, between individuals and among the wider communities we are all a part of.


I am a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania. I have over 15 years of professional experience and have worked in a variety of educational and clinical settings, both public and private. I have earned a Masters degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania (1993) and a Masters degree in counseling from Villanova University (2003).