Patrice Lightcap

Patrice Lightcap, LMT, ABT

T: (610) 613-2786


With 20 years experience, Patrice Lightcap has honed her unique skill of “listening with the fingertips,” which has allowed her to discover and unlock emotional and physical pain, as well as chronic tension.

The foundation of Patrice’s work is Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Shiatsu and Jin Shin Do™ Bodymind Acupressure™, Massage and Myofascial Therapies.  All of these particular bodywork modalities are oriented to healing the whole person as one system to balance and restore the natural flow of energy. 

As a licensed massage therapist and a registered accupressurist, Patrice brings a special capacity to the healing process. She has spent the past 14 years integrating her work in close collaboration with physicians, nutritionists, and psychotherapists as part of a holistic treatment approach to promoting personal well-being.