Erin Mccloskey, m.ed

Ayurvedic Health Educator, Registered Yoga Teacher

T: (925) 209-8483

My focus as a healer is to hold space, to create a container of safety in which you feel heard, understood, and accepted. I encourage you to explore what is holding you back, give voice to your aspirations, discover what you want more of in your life, and realize your goals. You can utilize the tools we practice together to move through the barriers that keep you feeling small, unloved, or alone.

As a curator of various healing technologies I will help you develop your toolbox of skills in a holistic manner. We will work collaboratively to create the room necessary to allow your hopes, dreams, and desires to enter in. 

Through thoughtful conversation and access to practices that move you beyond limiting patterns of thought and behavior you can be an active force in your own healing. There is opportunity in movement and sound to enhance energy flow and experience clarity of thought. My aim is to promote health and get to the root of imbalances that can result from trauma or misknowing.

To schedule therapy, Ayurveda consultations, and/or private yoga and meditation sessions please contact me at (925)209-8483, or erin@emccloskey.com.