Mindy is an Equine Specialist who partners with horses, for individuals as well as corporations. Through one on one sessions, as well as workshops and retreats, she explores  challenging issues. Within a safe environment, horses model authenticity and genuineness. Tremendous insight, accessing limiting beliefs, as well as gratitude and acceptance are often the results of the unmounted sessions. No previous horse experience is necessary. Mindy is also available to speak on the transformative power of horses.

Mindy is the author of "From Muck To Magnificence-How Cleaning Horse Stalls Leads To An Astonishing Life", the Amazon #1 hot new release.

you can learn to: 

●  Embody the non-verbal communication skills essential to thriving relationships

●  Develop Leadership skills founded on authentic connection

●  Tap into deeper layers of your intuitive capacity

●  Live wholeheartedly from a place of true authenticity

●  Set clear and thoughtful boundaries without resorting to anger

●  Rekindle your creative fire

●  Cultivate the resilience to bounce back when life gets you down

●  Increase your tolerance for vulnerability so you can say YES to life’s opportunities and more deeply connect with those you love

●  And that’s just the beginning...