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I’m a Certified Grief Recovery Advanced Specialist® who helps people move beyond death, divorce, and other losses by facilitating one-on-one programs and grief support groups utilizing The Grief Recovery Method®. Since 2014 I have been teaching clients how to restore happy memories, lay to rest the unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations about the future and the past, and thrive. In addition, I am the Founder and Master Guide of The PPF MethodTM, a system for decision making that I developed when rebuilding my own life and creating my “new normal.” It teaches individuals techniques for using lessons from their past to inform their present choices, so that their most desired future selves will emerge.

I found myself widowed, suddenly and unexpectedly, in 2008 when my 46-year-old husband of sixteen years had a massive heart attack. I was, as you’d expect, devastated, and I did everything I knew to process my grief: I read books about bereavement, I journaled, I joined social networking groups for widows, and I went to therapy. I found that, while therapy was valuable and allowed me to address some issues I was unaware of while increasing my emotional resilience, it didn’t help me resolve my grief. Six years after my husband died I felt strong enough to carry the burden of the pain of my grief: a burden that I felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and assumed would be with me always. Then I found the Grief Recovery Method, and at the end of the process I literally felt the burden of the pain of my grief lift from my shoulders and dissipate! Now, while I am sad that my husband is dead, and I miss him, I am no longer in pain. Best of all, my happy memories of our relationship, which had been tainted so by grief that they, too, caused me pain were all restored to me and are once again a source of joy. Having experienced grief and recovery first-hand allows me to testify personally to the benefits of this program and to be an authentic guide as I walk beside my clients on their own path to recovery.

I work primarily with individual clients one-on-one, both in person and online, and run occasional groups. This is an experiential, action-based program with homework assignments. The Grief Recovery Method Grief Support Groups are not like traditional groups, nor are they self-help groups -- this is not a drop-in program. Both the groups and one-on-one programs consist of facilitated sessions that use the time-tested, step-by-step Grief Recovery Method.   Support groups meet for two hours a week over eight weeks, while individuals typically complete the program in seven weeks with one-hour sessions. While I do not work directly with children, I do teach “When Children Grieve,” a Grief Recovery Method program for parents, guardians, and other caretakers that is specifically designed to provide strategies and techniques to help the children in their lives deal with loss.

As the Founder and Master Guide of The PPF Method, I guide clients to examine, discover, and improve patterns of thinking and habits that may be hindering their full emotional expression or happiness. I help individuals learn to mindfully shape their lives in each moment. My clients learn to let go of “shoulds” and guilt, experience more joy day-to-day, and take a loving, kind approach to helping themselves. The PPF Method is introduced in my forthcoming book, Lost and Found: Finding a Joyful Life After Loss (Capucia Publishing, 2018).

This is very much a “second act” career for me. I previously worked in the stewardship and donor relations end of fundraising, at the University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore College, following several years as Librarian and Research Associate at The Pew Charitable Trusts. I hold a B.A. in Psycholinguistics from Swarthmore College, an M.S. in Information Studies from Drexel University, and Certification as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist from the Grief Recovery Institute®.