Anthony Goldsmith

Anthony Goldsmith, MA

T: (610) 585-6408


As a practicing psychologist for over 34 years, Tony Goldsmith offers a warm, well-informed, and personal approach to working with the difficult problems that adults, children and families experience. Thorough and patient, he works to understand and address such difficulties not as just symptoms and diagnoses, but as expressions of maladaptation of people and their relationships that so often lead to pain and unhappiness.

His therapy is one that promotes growth and change in how people do things, how they think, and how they relate to each other.   He recognizes that change can be difficult particularly when people are in pain, and it is through his positive and attentive relationship with clients that changes are realized.  

Areas of specialty include trauma recovery, particularly related to the experience of sexual abuse,  children/teens with behavioral/school difficulties,  and parents adjusting to parenting after divorce (a.k.a. co-parenting). In partnership with Amy Fantalis, he runs co-ed high school-aged therapy groups.

He provides consultation, education, and supervision to other professionals, particularly in the area of child sexual abuse.

Please call to inquire about his available hours which include afternoons and evenings. While he does not participate in any insurance plans as an in-network provider, he does supply the paperwork which can be used to obtain reimbursement from some insurance policies.