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Amy fantalis, MS, MSW, LCSW

T: 610-627-9060  



During most of my career, I have almost exclusively counseled adolescents, young adults and families. For me, working with young people in the context of their families is the most effective way to do therapy. This process can help transform relationships by expanding understanding, and therefore expanding viewpoints and perspectives. My clients present with a range of problems and concerns, such as mood disorders (depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder), school & social problems, social anxiety, learning differences, eating disorders, self - harm and trauma. In addition, many of the families I see are experiencing life-altering circumstances, such as loss, divorce, and adoption.

Over the years I have developed expertise in running therapy groups for adolescents & young adults. Bringing young people together to discuss their lives, ideas, and struggles is quite gratifying for them and for me. This is my passion. The growth and development that occur within these groups is impressive. They form relationships with peers whose circumstances often resemble their own. The coming together of varying experiences and perspectives offers them a rare opportunity for social and emotional growth, change, and connection. At present, I run two girls and three coed therapy groups for high school age teens. I also run a group for older teen girls, ages 18-22 who are transitioning into young adulthood. Additionally, I run a    20-Something group for young women, ages 20-30, who are working toward independence by supporting themselves financially, finishing college, moving out and holding themselves accountable for their decisions.

I began my private practice career at Building Bridges in May of 1999. Prior to that, I directed a mental health center for children and families, counseled inner city teenagers and families, worked in runaway and homeless shelters for children, teens, and young mothers, and conducted home studies for families pursuing adoption. I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from SUNY Binghamton in 1985. I then received my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from SUNY Albany in 1986 and in 1992 completed my MSW from Hunter College in New York City. In addition to psychotherapy, I provide clinical supervision to other therapists for individual, family and group therapy.

Last year, I hired Wendi Haldeman, LSW to join my practice. Wendi is an experienced therapist who loves working with teens, young adults and families.

Wendi and I each work several days and evenings per week. We try to accommodate after-school appointments for teens and families. We do not accept insurance but will provide a statement of our services that can be submitted for reimbursement to your insurance company should you have out of network benefits. We welcome all calls and inquiries concerning my practice.